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The Gale App

Scheduling medical staffing is easier than ever with Gale.
Gale is revolutionizing nurse staffing, one shift at a time.


  • No more texting.
  • No more back and forth phone calls to the office.
  • Having full control of your work schedule at your fingertips.

This is Gale.

  1. Organize: Indicate your availability – the shifts you are available and not available to work.
  2. Receive: Review notifications of available shifts during your selected availability.
  3. Respond: Accept shifts immediately, and call out of shifts when needed.

When implemented by nurse staffing companies, Gale allows nurses to:

  • Maintain a more flexible work schedule.
  • Easily set and organize availability and scheduled shifts.
  • Enjoy easier and faster scheduling.

This is Gale.

» available in the Google Play Store

» available for iOS


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